Canadian Reformed Missions Association

Our Mission and Vision

To assist local churches in carrying out their mandate to do mission work, both locally and internationally.

We equip members of mission boards and evangelism committees by organizing conferences with experienced speakers who provide good principles and direction for Reformed churches and by providing other appropriate resources. This enables those involved in mission activity to do such tasks deliberately and appropriately.


We assist churches and mission workers with advice when requested. Whether you are on a mission board involved with foreign mission, or a part of a local church looking for good evangelism tools, please feel free to begin a dialogue with us.


We coordinate sharing information and expertise, so that work done by one can be of benefit to many. Too often mission workers or board members struggle to find answers while a solution has already been found elsewhere. By networking with others (for example in forums like ICRC and NAPARC) we can glean much that will benefit Canadian Reformed Churches.

About Us

Equip, Assist, Coordinate

Mission work is something that requires constant work, education, and support. We understand the unique challenges that inevitably are faced when engaging in mission work. The CRMA was formed to provide a place where we can help one another develop our talents, improve our efforts, and share what we have learned.

Our team uses several tools to fulfill our mission.

We provide advice based on our collective experience and the experience of others with whom we have been in contact with. (If you want to get in touch, there`s a contact form at the bottom of the page.)

We provide a place to share information. Our online document library contains information about how others have developed policies, programs and best practices.

We hold yearly conferences (usually in the fall) with experienced speakers to provide a place of collaboration and learning. You can also check out our links page which has some external resources that we feel are helpful.

  • Mission Projects

    15 mission projects -- some are in development stages

  • Missionaries and Workers

    11 missionaries and aid workers

  • Community

    supported by 55 churches


Jack Visscher
Arjan de Visser
Vice Chairman
John van Popta
Otto Bouwman

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